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FW Saturday Evening

Bass Performance Hall : Sat 3/2/19 8:00PM - Sat 5/25/19 8:00PM

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In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated together with Ghost Dances together with 11:11 Saturday, March 2, 2019 8:00PM   ·   More Info »

Bass Performance Hall
525 Commerce St.
Fort Worth, Tx 76102
March 1-3

In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated
Ballet that cuts like a knife. Sharp and edgy, this mastery of physics and finesse exudes an electric energy. The fast, technical choreography is driven by an electronic score that splits the air. In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated is contemporary ballet at its very best – clean, fearless, and untamed.

Ghost Dances
Specters of death, silently watching...and waiting. The riveting figures of Ghost Dances are as eerie as they are beautiful. Inspired by the horrors of oppression in Chile, this ballet moves past despair to become an uplifting message of hope for the human spirit. Set to haunting South American music, Ghost Dances will cast a spell that is sure to linger.

Step into another dimension. This never-before-seen piece will transport you to a parallel world of mystery and spiritual enlightenment. Set to a hypnotic mix of tribal, pop, and electronic music, it’s a ballet experience that captures the celestial, as dancers perform a contemporary masterpiece of energy and expression.

Four Last Songs together with Twilight and Esmeralda together with L Saturday, March 30, 2019 8:00PM   ·   More Info »

Bass Performance Hall
525 Commerce St.
Fort Worth, Tx 76102
March 29-31

Four Last Songs
From the first step, Ben Stevenson’s wondrous Four Last Songs will take your breath away. Spectacular stagecraft highlights rows of dancers who suddenly appear beneath billowing silk clouds. In a performance of Richard Strauss’s groundbreaking music, Four Last Songs takes you on a journey of life and loss you will not soon forget.

Twilight and Esmeralda
Lose yourself in this romantic, neoclassical dream. One of Ben Stevenson’s personal favorites, this pas de deux is a breathtaking picture of romance and music come to life. Fluid and serene, Twilight is the perfect complement to the fire and fury of Esmeralda.
Pursued by a host of suitors, the beautiful Esmeralda becomes the victim of treacherous jealousy. With her fate uncertain, the strong gypsy girl rules the stage in this fiery and technical tour de force. Always an audience favorite, Esmeralda radiates with passion and romance.

Created as a tribute to Liza Minnelli and set to a percussive score by Don Lawson, this vibrant and energetic work designed for an all-male cast will have you tapping your toes.

Pinocchio Saturday, May 25, 2019 8:00PM   ·   More Info »

Bass Performance Hall
525 Commerce St.
Fort Worth, Tx 76102
May 24-26

Come along as mischievous Pinocchio embarks on a whirlwind quest to become a real boy. With its phenomenal costuming and innovative choreography, Pinocchio is a spectacle for the ages. The kindhearted carpenter and the charming puppet come to life in this captivating fable, sure to be adored by young and old alike. It’s pure magic – with no strings attached.

A co-production of the National Ballet of Canada and Texas Ballet Theater. Sponsored in part by the Amon G. Carter Foundation and an anonymous donor.

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Pinocchio VIP- Saturday, May 25 at 2 pm.